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Find the latest news on interpretation, translation and related technology from the perspective of Dr Verónica Pérez Guarnieri, a specialist in providing interpretation and translation services for meetings and events of all kinds and sizes, from international congresses to small business meetings, on-site or remotely.

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"What I like most about being a consultant interpreter is managing the unexpected: a speaker who decides to speak in another language one hour before his presentation is set to start or a breakout session that is added on the fly for which additional interpreters are needed. It is on these occasions that our clients highly appreciate the flexibility and resourcefulness of the consultant interpreter, who is there to resolve their interpretation problems on the spur of the moment. For more than twenty-five years I have done precisely this, gaining experience in recruiting teams of interpreters with different working languages, know-how and specializations to work at various events on any given day for government agencies, embassies and multinationals. I have arranged for the provision of interpretation services elsewhere, sending interpreters from Argentina or contacting interpreters in other countries to provide the necessary services. In sum, I like to think that the users of our services find in us a trustworthy partner who takes care of the linguistic and cultural barriers so that they can focus on closing a deal or solving a diplomatic issue."

With an impressive portfolio of high-profile clients, Dr Verónica Pérez Guarnieri has become a leading professional in the provision of simultaneous interpretation services. She is a member for South America of the prestigious network of consultant interpreters Calliope-Interpreters, which ensures that the service will be provided regardless of where you need it. You will also be able to enjoy the benefits of fluent communication with contacts and resources in all major global event and convention markets.

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